Donovan and Kara: A Love Story Unveiled

In the world of love, some stories are like fine wine, getting better with age. The tale of Donovan and Kara is one such story, a testament to the enduring power of love, patience, and serendipity. They say love finds its way when the time is right, and Donovan and Kara's journey stands as a shimmering example of this truth.

Their story began over two decades ago, when fate intervened through Donovan's aunt, creating the initial connection that would later blossom into a beautiful love story. Fast forward to 2019, the stars aligned, and Donovan and Kara found themselves reunited. From that moment on, their lives were forever intertwined.

The Unforgettable Proposal

Every love story deserves a moment that etches itself into the memory, a turning point where two souls make a commitment to each other. For Donovan and Kara, this moment came on a memorable night in Atlantic City. The proposal was a blend of surprise and elegance, capturing the essence of their love.

While staying at the luxurious Hard Rock Cafe in Atlantic City, Donovan orchestrated the perfect proposal. In a touch of genius, he asked Kara to retrieve an item from his bag, but to her astonishment, the bag contained not just any item, but a dazzling engagement ring. Kara's heart must have skipped a beat as she discovered the symbol of their love tucked away in that bag.

A Vision of Love: The Wedding

The wedding is a couple's chance to curate a day that reflects their love story and their vision for the future. Donovan and Kara's wedding, held in 2021, was an intimate affair with about eight or nine loved ones. COVID-19 had thrown many challenges their way, but their determination to celebrate their love prevailed.

Their vision for the wedding was deeply family-oriented. With approximately 150 close family and friends in attendance, they forwent a traditional bridal party to ensure that every guest felt like an integral part of their special day. Their parents played a significant role, walking them down the aisle as a touching display of unity.

Choosing the Perfect Venue

The wedding venue often sets the tone for the entire celebration, and Donovan and Kara chose the Grand View for a multitude of reasons. Located in Poughkeepsie, New York, this centrally located gem offered not only accessibility but also a stunning view of the river. The venue's one-level layout made it perfect for their vow renewal ceremony and reception, ensuring seamless transitions throughout the day.

One of the standout features of the Grand View is its proximity to the marina, which allowed Donovan and Kara to capture breathtaking photographs against the scenic backdrop of the river. A wedding day should tell a story, and the Grand View provided the picturesque setting for their love story.

Capturing the Moments that Matter

The importance of capturing the essence of a wedding day through videos cannot be understated. Donovan and Kara have entrusted this vital task to a skilled professional, understanding that these memories will be cherished for a lifetime. They've left no stone unturned, from preparations to the heartwarming ceremony and heartfelt speeches.

One unique aspect of their wedding day is the "first touch" moment they've planned instead of the traditional "first look." This decision reflects their desire to preserve the element of surprise and anticipation as Kara walks down the aisle toward Donovan.

In Donovan and Kara's love story, there's no one person or moment that takes precedence. Their wedding day is about celebrating the love they share with all their friends and family, with every moment holding equal significance.


Planner + Designer: (@funfetefabulous )

MUA: @memacreations

Hair: @iamdaniellepitts

Bridal Stylist: @ladykay_inwaiting

Photographer: @aidamalikphotography

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Video: @cameralifelive


Experience the timeless love story of Donovan and Kara in our captivating 15-minute documentary film. From a chance meeting over two decades ago to a surprise proposal in Atlantic City, join us on a journey of love, patience, and serendipity. Explore their intimate wedding at the scenic Grand View venue, where family and cherished moments take center stage. Witness their 'first touch' moment and heartfelt speeches that celebrate the power of enduring love